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Smart Pest Control

The Future of Home Protection

Eastside Smart Pest Control


Unlike anything on the market.

SMART is a low-impact, environmentally-friendly pest control system 
that monitors pest activity like never before. 


Exclusive Protection for the PNW 

Eastside Exterminators is the only provider of the SMART Home protection system in Washington state. No other home pest system comes close to the ease, protection, and convenience of our patented network. 


Minutes, not months. 

How soon do you want to know about an infestation? Rodents can be lurking in your home for months before you notice them in your living spaces. Your home’s insulation, wiring, and roof structure could be significantly damaged before you even notice a problem.


24 / 7 Defense

With SMART, you never have to worry about an unnoticed issue. Our devices alert for rodent activity within minutes. With this unprecedented protection, your home will never be caught by surprise pest issues.


Anticimex Smart Icon

Eliminate the Guesswork

Meet the future of pest control.


Eastside’s SMART equipment system can be installed in a home in a single visit. While simple to install, our program is far from basic. 

Our system is customized for each home, with an array of activity monitors and traps, all linked to a central communication device. This ‘Hub’ uses cellular technology to transmit data from the traps and monitors to our office. 

In the event that an issue is detected, we will contact you to schedule a service appointment - far before you'd usually notice an issue. This service is particularly beneficial for rodent problems in less frequented areas of the home or business, such as basements or attics, as well as for homes that are not continuously occupied, like rentals, vacation homes, and other property. 

Learn about protecting your home with SMART  



       Get Started with SMART       


Smart Pest Control Step one

Step 1: Analyze & Plan 

We inspect the home, and identify areas of concern. With this info, we plan the best  set-up for your household’s protection.


Anticimex Smart Pest Control Step 2


Step 2: Install & Connect 

After diagnosing your home, we’re ready to treat the issues. At your earliest convenience, we build the SMART shield around your home


Anticimex Smart Home Part 3 - Monitoring

Step 3: Routine Protection

The Anticimex SMART system sends activity reports to our monitoring team. In the event of any pest issue's, we'll notify you and schedule an inspection to assess, before any significant damage occurs. 

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